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The two most important things you need from a host agency is support and information. Without them, you are like a swimmer in deep water, far from land, with no life jacket or raft. Your odds of surviving are extremely small. While our program looks similar to others, the primary difference lies in the support we offer you and the information you need to stay knowledgeable! 



Established in 1985 as Houstonís first cruise-only agency, A & A Cruises & Tours is a full service travel agency and Texas Corporation with 68 years of combined experience in the retail travel industry. Our home-based travel agent program, started in 1996, has over 100 affiliated home based agencies nationwide making up our team of Associates.

A & A Cruises & Tours is a member of the following organizations:

  • Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC)

  • Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)

  • International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN)

  • Leisure Travel Alliance (LTA)

  • Greater Houston Better Business Bureau


A & A's comprehensive training includes:

  • the basics of booking business and leisure travel

  • booking airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, tours, cruises

  • groups - finding, booking, promoting, and marketing groups 

  • sales and marketing

  • how to build a successful business

  • where and how to develop your client base

  • how to sell travel and properly service your clients

Not only that, but we train you in the best possible way, on a cruise or at a resort, by real travel agents with years of experience! You'll experience first-hand how to travel as a travel agent. No videotapes, books, manuals, or online training program can do this. 


See reports of two Training Classes  (with photos)



Training Group at the Occidental Grand Xcaret Resort Pool Bar and Grill

Riviera Maya - Mexico


We know that the key to an Associate's success is the support the Associate gets from his/her host agency. Our program includes that support and continuous flow of vital information you need to succeed! If you have a question, concern, or need guidance, call us on our toll-free number and we'll be happy to assist you. For after-hours emergencies that can't wait until the next business day, we have a pager number you can call for help or guidance. 


We have an Associates-only area on our website, where you can find:

  • group space held by A & A and your fellow Associates that you can sell into

  • air consolidator information

  • websites & phone numbers of various travel suppliers, destinations, and travel related topics

  • a list of documents (FAM trip application forms, bonus commission certificates, order forms, etc.) that you can display and print 

Every business day, A & A will send you several email broadcasts of specials, promotions, FAMs, travel industry news, marketing tips, alerts, updates, & much, much more. Travel suppliers will provide you with marketing support, travel brochures, postcards, travel posters, colorful travel stationery and other supplies at no cost. A library of travel videos are available at A & A on loan to show your clients. You also will receive free subscriptions to travel industry publications. We will also provide you information on how to join the travel supplier's email lists for travel promotions, FAMs, travel news, marketing tips, alerts, and updates.



A & A will pay you, from your FIRST booking, 80% of the commission your bookings generate! You do not have to wait until you are trained to earn higher commissions, and there are NO volume requirements to receive 80% commission. Click here to see how commissions are calculated.


Imagine how much you can earn if you average one booking a day, book several groups, or do this full-time? As an example, an Associate recently booked 15 cabins on Norwegian Cruise Line for a group of family and friends. That Associate was paid $2710 !!!  There is no limit to what you can make!



A & A affiliation allows you unlimited access to FAM trips all over the world. FAM trips, short for familiarization trips, are offered by travel suppliers to agents at special rates to increase agent knowledge of a destination and the travel supplierís product line. You are not restricted as to the number of FAMs or destinations you can do. 


FAM pricing varies by supplier. Agents can cruise on ocean liners from $20-50 per night or take Caribbean air-charter vacations for $399 or $299 or LESS, including air! You will be kept informed of these offers through email broadcasts.


As an A & A Associate, you have unlimited access staff to assist you with any question, problem, need for advice, etc., as long as you remain affiliated with A & A Cruises & Tours.




You will be eligible for most travel agent discounts immediately, except for those that require an IATAN card.


The IATAN Card is the official Travel Agent I.D. card, issued by the International Airlines Travel Agent Network. Some suppliers will accept an agent's name on an IATAN list for travel agent discounts. You will be registered for the IATAN list as soon as you receive your first commission check.


For most FAM trips that include air, an IATAN card is required. Currently, IATAN requires agents must earn $5000 or more in commissions within the previous 12 months of application to be eligible for an I.D. card. You can earn an IATAN card with as little as one booking per week (based on booking one vacation per week at an average cost of $1210 per couple).


"What do I need to get started?"

Since you are operating a travel business, you will be expected to have the following in order to properly conduct business with A & A and travel suppliers:

  • A PC (Personal Computer) that has these minimum options: Windows 98, a 56K modem, and Internet Explorer 6.0.     Best: Windows XP - any newly purchased PC with Windows XP works fine.

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) and an Email address. Note: Using a free email service, may prevent you from receiving most HTML emails, large files, documents, and pictures, which are sent on a daily basis by travel suppliers and your host agency.     Best: Broadband high-speed internet connection via cable or DSL. You'll spend a lot of time surfing the Internet in this business, so dial-up is like riding a bicycle on a freeway.

  • A fax machine, or fax program on your PC with fax/phone modem.


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   This program is only for residents in the United States only. Not available outside the USA.  

If you would like more information, please call:


A & A Cruises & Tours

11406 Tidenhaven Court

Pearland, TX 77584


Outside the greater Houston area: 1-800-365-8497

(If calling after hours, please leave a message with

your name and the best time to call you back)

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