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Why YOU should be a Home Based Travel Agent:

Do you plan and book all the travel arrangements for your family reunions, school, social club, etc.?

Do you belong to an organization?

Are you employed someplace where there are lots of people?

Do you love to travel and experience new places?



  • ...own your own affordable business,

  • ...enjoy extensive leisure travel at a very low cost,

  • ...help other people plan their dream vacations,

  • ...make money booking travel while working at home or from your office,

  • ...and have a desire to succeed,


  This program is only for residents in the United States only. Not available outside the USA.  

Let us put YOU in this picture!

Training group onboard the cruise ship Carnival Conquest

Wondering which Home Based Travel program is right for you?  

No other program gives you the training experience that A & A does (see the training class reports below), so none of their books, manuals, videotapes or online courses can train you like this.  Our training classes are held at a resort or onboard a cruise ship, and taught by real travel agents with years of experience.


See reports of two Training Classes (with photos)


Training onboard the cruise ship Carnival Conquest



A & A Cruises & Tours' Independent Travel Consultant program has enabled numerous individuals just like you to start up their own travel businesses on a modest start-up budget. By working from your home or office  as an Associate with A & A, you can avoid the major expenses usually associated with starting up a new business. Many money-saving benefits can be gained as an Associate with A & A:

  • You will have minimum overhead working out of your own home or office.
  • When A & A trains you to become an agent, the training is tax deductible. There are many other tax benefits associated with affiliation, including deductions for familiarization trips, travel expenses, dining and entertainment, and office expenses. Always consult with your accountant who can advise you about your specific deductions and ways to save you money.
  • Following your training, you can take advantage of the special travel discounts available to travel agents. 
  • With a home office, you will not need a sales tax permit, credit card equipment, rent, bonds or permits. A & A will also assist in registering those Associates who reside in the following states that require licensing or registration of travel sellers: California, Florida, Hawaii, Ohio.


Our Associates include housewives, nurses, teachers, students, service industry workers, realtors, and regular 9 to 5'ers. Associates also include numerous small business owners (tanning salons, beauty shops, lawyers, etc.) who already have an existing clientele that they offer their travel services to. Whatever your occupation, EVERY person you know or meet is a potential customer:

  • your server at your favorite restaurant is thinking about going to Cancun with some friends for 3 or 4 nights
  • a co-worker wants to go on a Caribbean cruise this summer
  • your hair stylist is considering Disney World for this summers family vacation
  • the cashier who is ringing up your groceries just got engaged and has been thinking of places to go for a romantic honeymoon
  • your child's school needs someone to make travel arrangements for the marching band's competition trip
  • a relative always takes the family on a spring break or Christmas trip
  • an acquaintance at your place of worship wants to go skiing in February
  • your neighbor is seriously considering an Alaskan cruise after a friend marveled at how wonderful their Alaska cruisetour was

The business is out there.  All you have to do is get it and we will show you how. 


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